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Merpec is your complete solution for Wholesale and Retail Trading Business

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Merpec Cloud Based ERP Solution for Wholesale and Retail Trading Business
Manage your key trading business challenges with ERP
Manage your key trading business challenges with ERP

Start your online business with Merpec

Merpec handles most of the heavy lifting in ecommerce, it’s likely you have existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools working for you. Our intergrations bring these powerful systems together so you can concentrate on your business instead of on your IT.

Find out how Merpec is enabling trading companies to manage their business functions seamlessly with ERP software for trading.

Complete, versatile and powerful

Merpec Designed for both, simplicity and power

Easy to Use

An easy to use interface no extra trainings required.

Customized as your need

Integration, support & customization is just a call away

Multilingual Support

Available in English and Arabic

Easy integration with your eCommerce Mobile Apps

Easy integration with your eCommerce Mobile Apps

Custom Implementation of Mobile Apps as your Retail and Trading Needs
  • Works seamlessly with your eCommerce iOS and Android apps

  • 100% Supports Hybrid and Native Mobile Apps

Almost everything you need

Merpec comes with 200+ features to help you run your business


You can generate reports of all financial transactions that occur during an accounting period are summarized into the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.


ERP finance is allows you to communicate financial information more clearly to external partners such as vendors and your customers when needed


Merpec ERP Sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping, and invoicing.


Purchasing module streamlines the procurement of required raw materials. In addition, it automates the processes of buying.


With Merpec inventory management can manage all your finances, logistics, operations, and inventory in one place.


With the POS module, you have access to real-time reporting, a detailed financial overview, and inventory management.

Admin & Master

With Merpec user management modules you can Assign, Manage user, User Rights & Permissions


Get multiple and custom reports as yo need for your Retail and Trading Business instantly

Cloud-based ERP & eCommerce solution for Trading & Retail

The next-generation cloud-based ERP & eCommerce solution for Trading & Retail

  • Merpec, based in India develops Cloud ERP & point of sale (POS) platform for Trading & retail industries in Kuwait and Middle East.

  • We provide Custom solutions to manage your Store Inventory, Cloud-POS, Smart Retail, Omni channel ecommerce Web Store, Smart-Checkout, mobile-POS, Self-Ordering, Cloud Printing solutions, Customer Loyalty, Memberships, GST Returns, Accounting, Analytics and much more!

  • It also supports third party POS hardware with additional enhancing solutions for additional fees.

Merpec ERP systems streamlines and automates processes, creating a leaner, more accurate and efficient operation. Merpec ERP provides complete visibility into core business processes.

If you are into Retail or Trading business, Merpec is for you
  • Construction & Hardware Store

  • Cosmetic & Beauty Product

  • Food & Supermarket

  • Electronics

  • Fashion Clothing

  • Cosmetic & Beauty Product

Merpec ERP for Retail or Trading business

Real Time Information

  • With Merpec ERP System, The Data Is Entered Into The Cloud Accounting Software Is Updated Immediately And Can Be Accessed By Multiple Users From Multiple Locations.

  • Reports Access from Anywhere Anytime


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